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Cheapest Houses for Sale in USA

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  • Jan 17, 2020
Cheapest Houses for Sale in USAA house is something so crucial for everyone, which is the main concern for everyone in their life. It is not only about a building where we live in, but it is a place where the stories and moments of our life take place. However, the skyrocketing price of properties or space in megapolitan cities such as New York, San Fransisco, or Los Angels makes particular problems of housing for their residences especially for those dreaming about owning a cheap house. Some of them tend to rent apt or houses, but it is not a permanent solution as a residence. With such a fact, there are still some areas in the US where you can find the cheapest houses for sale in the USA. 
US News and World  Report recently released its annual report ranking the areas where you can find the best places to live in. Its rank is based on some considerations one of which is index value. Meanwhile, Zillow, a real estate site, reports that the median price of sale homes in the US market is $261,500. In this article, we will provide some areas where you will find the cheapest houses for sale in the USA referring to Zillow’s lower median and US News’ value rank. Before moving on to the main information, it is important to know what ‘value’ refers to. Index value measures the comfortability of the houses of the average residents compared to the affordability within their means. The minimum score for index value set by US News is 2.5.
Cheapest Houses for Sale in USA
The first recommendation for a place to find the cheapest houses for sale in the USA is in Omaha Nebraska. With many well-known companies headquartered in this city, safety, affordability and strong economy many young professionals and families are attracted to reside. The median price of a house in this city is $165,000  and 7.9 for the value index, this state is suitable for those dreaming about living in an affordable house with. The cheapest house to sell in this state is situated in Laird St. NE 68110 is a 1,120 sq ft cute and spacious house with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Its furniture, roof, and AC is no more than eight year. Its basement has the high ceilings and spacious enough to finish. With $55,000 and $234 per month for the mortgage, you can own this house.
If you are a student or young family, then Grand Rapid Michigan is the best state to find the cheapest house for sale in the USA. Once becoming the center of furniture production, it is now dominated by education and healthcare with many opportunities for workers without a college degree. The median in this city is $166,608 and 8.1 for its value index. A 1,986 sq ft house located in 1048 Helen St Ne may best be recommended for a student or small family. With its 3 bed and 1 bath, lovely dining with cozy built in’s, and a spacious living room to gather family and friends around, it is best recommended if you have $100,000 cash or if you buy it on credit the est mortgage is $424 per month.

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