Cheap Homes For Rent By Owner

Cheap Homes For Rent By OwnerWhen demographic grows rapidly and it is impossible for space to grow wider, the property prices then constantly climb to be more expensive. As a result, housing is one of the social problems in the US. For people who have more budget to own a house, it is not a significant problem but for citizens with limited budgets, it then comes to a considerable problem. Renting a home could be the perfect solution for this kind of issue. However, the price of homes for rent varies from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars per month. Fortunately, the internet is able to cut broker budget that has been allocated by the landlord. With the help of the internet these days, landlords can advertise their units cheaper and quicker. It will then give more opportunities for citizens to get cheap homes for rent by owner. 
The first thing you need to know to search for cheap homes for rent by owner is the median prices of houses for rent in the city where the wanted unit situated. Median price gives a depiction of the prices of all unit rented in that area. So you can make a prediction about the average price of how much the house is going to be around the area. According to Zillow, it is reported that Green Ville South Carolina and Grand Rapid, Michigan are the cities with the cheapest median price of houses for rent. They are respectively $762 and $786. According to Zillow, the cheapest home for rent in this city costs around $750 per month. Meanwhile, in Green Ville, you can find the cheapest unit that will cost you $790 per month.
Cheap Homes For Rent By OwnerOnce predicting the price range based on the median price, then it is important for you to know on what types of home that you want and what you will get if you search for cheap homes for rent by owner. Typically a 900-1200 sq ft single home family with two or three beds, and a single bath is the type of home that you can rent within this price range. Other types are 700-1100 sq ft semi-dispatched, triplex or duplex or a townhouse with 2-3 beds with 1 bath. Meanwhile, the facilities that you will get with this price range for rent is are typically central heater, single parking or on the street parking, in-unit laundry, and one cooling system. With those specs, probably renting a house is not as bad as people thought it would be.
When you are searching for cheap homes for rent by owner, typically the unit is not situated close to the downtown or amenities so that need an extra effort to go to the grocery. However, if you are fortunate, you may find a cheap home that you are able to rent not so far from the downtown. In Green Ville, you can get a 1,200 sq ft with 3 beds situated about 15 minutes away from downtown. It costs only $800, but given the drawback of cheap homes that you can rent, you can get more privacy in it too.